Actress Anita Joseph stuns in birthday photos as she clocks 35 today

Actress Anita Joseph stuns in birthday photos as she clocks 35 today

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph turns 35 years today, January 4, and she took to her Instagram page to share these stunning birthday photos to celebrate her day.

Burna Boy and Rema make list of Barack Obama’s playlist  of 2019

Burna Boy and Rema make list of Barack Obama’s playlist of 2019

Today, former US President Barack Obama shared his playlist of 35 songs for the year 2019 and two Nigerian stars, Burna Boy and Rema made the list.

Mayor Michael – New Glory (eW! Music)

Mayor Michael – New Glory (eW! Music)

Mayor Michael, a Kogi born singer who won Glo rock and Rule Contest, and some collaborations and now a new single is definitely here to stay

Tupengo -Timing (eW! Music)

Tupengo -Timing (eW! Music)

Tupengo is back with this new single titled “Timing”. Like the name implies the Afro pop sensational took is time to give us this effort after calls from a lot of fans and well wishers.

At first glance at the trailer of Kasanova, I was more like, can this be a Nollywood movie, or am I watching another African-American Hollywood made movie?.

The story behind Kasanova revolved around a certain widower who, after losing his wife to cancer, became very wayward and was always after women. Femi (Wale Ojo) played the role of a Kasanova, and his son Jason (Abayomi Alvin) was the star actor in the movie.

When we first met Femi, he was jogging with his son, Jason (Abayomi Alvin), a wannabe musician. While starring at Derriere, a fellow runner, he tripped and hurt himself. A couple of scenes later, he was in a bar with his friends, and he was busy talking about how women are very untrustworthy. Jessica (Ireti Doyle), who played the role of a renowned musician, was also at the bar and, she was having a bad day. She was close to the table where Femi and his friends where. When she’s had enough of their mortifying talk, She gave them a piece of her mind. Femi responded with the usual, “you are a lonely woman.” She fired back with “men like you, being single is perfect.”

Jessica is a single mother, and her daughter, “Ini” (Ruby Akubueze), attends the same school as Jason. The two don’t get along, but Jason was planning to get Ini to love him… So that he can later break her heart because Ini has an Ice Queen character that makes Jason angry.

Jason gets shortlisted to train with Jessica for a music concert, his father drove him to her house, not knowing Jessica was the same lady from the bar.
A confrontational exchange happened between Femi and Jessica because of what happened at the bar, with Jason and Ini watching their parent exchange words.

I didn’t enjoy Kasanova. It’s okay, you can shoot me. I mean, my reviews seem to be more positive than negative, but sorry, I can’t deal.
I get it, your favourite Nollywood actors were in Kasanova but hear me out, please.
The comedy part of this Romcom was the bomb, but the romance churned my belly. I just couldn’t flow with the whole vibe.

Kasanova was boring for me. I didn’t enjoy the story. The twist was expected, and the ending was lazy. Kasanova could have done better. A story like this is better narrated than seen in a cinema. Nothing spectacular or worth fussing over. End of story!

Everyone who was supposed to be funny in Kasanova was hell funny. The comedy was top notch. Helen Paul was 100%. I loved watching the short time that she popped up on the screen. It felt as though Ruby Akubueze was trying not to forget her lines, her acting was bland and boring. Toyin Abraham never disappoints, she was awesome. Maybe Ireti Doyle should never be on a piano in subsequent movies.

I am going to be rating Kasanova 7/10. More efforts were needed.


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