Actress Anita Joseph stuns in birthday photos as she clocks 35 today

Actress Anita Joseph stuns in birthday photos as she clocks 35 today

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph turns 35 years today, January 4, and she took to her Instagram page to share these stunning birthday photos to celebrate her day.

Burna Boy and Rema make list of Barack Obama’s playlist  of 2019

Burna Boy and Rema make list of Barack Obama’s playlist of 2019

Today, former US President Barack Obama shared his playlist of 35 songs for the year 2019 and two Nigerian stars, Burna Boy and Rema made the list.

Mayor Michael – New Glory (eW! Music)

Mayor Michael – New Glory (eW! Music)

Mayor Michael, a Kogi born singer who won Glo rock and Rule Contest, and some collaborations and now a new single is definitely here to stay

Tupengo -Timing (eW! Music)

Tupengo -Timing (eW! Music)

Tupengo is back with this new single titled “Timing”. Like the name implies the Afro pop sensational took is time to give us this effort after calls from a lot of fans and well wishers.

 To start with, I have not been watching Nollywood movie, but since the advent of getting our films on Netflix, I have taken a particular interest in looking out for good content, moral lesson, and the best act of these movies.

 I recently watch Elevator Baby, and I was more than astounded. The movie is action-packed and epic, the characters are well victualed and a professional to the utmost. I was intrigued by the quality non accented English used by most characters of the movie apart from the major character “Toyin Abraham” because of the role she played. 

The storyline of ELEVATOR BABY is centred around two major characters, Timini, as Damilare and Toyin Abraham as Abigail. DARE is a young man with wealthy parents and wayward friends. The huge responsibility of helping Abigail birth her baby in the elevator forces Damilare to find the much-needed home training. 

The visual effects of the elevator baby made the movie came alive. The effects were very good and impressive. The themes were centred around family, redemption, forgiveness, friendship, and coming of age. A movie that is only an hour twenty-five minutes long felt like a lot. However, this is where Elevator Baby thrived, each theme was treated with the right amount of scrutiny and timing. Thanks to the writing and directing by Akhigbe Ilozobhie (Aka. Akay Mason).

From a dramatic point, Elevator baby gave us an outstanding drama when Damilare was about making calls, but his phone went off. This scene triggers the suspense in the movie.

I also love the scene where we saw a girl entering the elevator and gave Damilare and Toyin Abraham some weird look. The movie gave us some believability when the story of a man and woman trapped in an elevator went viral with the caption that the woman is in labour, it gave the movie the whole drama effect it needed; not to mention the believable process of child-bearing comprising a woman in pain, a man in confusion, and a professional in desperation on the sidelines.


Praising the movie without pointing out some of the weaknesses I noticed would make this review incomplete.

 Criticism can be drawn from the main character, “Damilare.” He has a dent on his mind from the accident, which he caused by giving the driver some alcohol. He was involved in the accident with his dad, where later on, we see that this accident was the cause of his attitude. However, this fact was not clearly stated in the movie.

Another aspect of the movie that seemed less work for me is the comic aspect of the film. We noticed that the maintenance guy is a very un-serious personality in the comedy industry. Also, the gate-man was using foul languages, which is a bite typical in most Nolly-wood movies. 

Another shortcoming of the movie was that Damilare could have called the interviewer that he came to see that he is stucked in the elevator. knowing fully well that he should have the phone number of the person, so that they can know his situation.

Finally, the sound in the club does not sound real. Clubs are always very loud, but the music at the club in this movie was too low. Meanwhile, how did Damilare’s friend suddenly became drunk on their way out of the club?.

 In conclusion, the Director of the movie and the writer did a very good job, which I feel they need high commendation for there efforts.

I will rate elevator baby 4/5, and I feel that it is one of the best movies yet on Netflix.


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